Amber Portwood’s ‘Readily Available’ Drug Claims Corroborated by ’16 & Pregnant’ Star

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Everyone loves drama, and the MTV show Teen Mom offers plenty of it.

Of course, many fans are aware that Amber Portwood from the original series has had her original sentence of five years in jail reinstated and is back behind bars. During her hearing, the reality show star made some shocking claims. Not only did she admit that she regrets having been on the show in the first place, but also that drugs were “readily available” to her when she was on the west coast meeting with the show’s producers. There are also allegations that, while there, she attended multiple parties.

No one wants to believe the claims, but shockingly, one 16 and Pregnant star took to Twitter to corroborate them! Nikkole Paulun appeared on the second season of the show and had a pretty emotional story. The father of her baby, Josh, was addicted to drugs and was not around the way Nikkole would have liked him to be. Now, she says that Josh also did drugs with MTV crews as well.

This is yet another shocking allegation. Many have put partial blame on the cameras, not only for Amber Portwood’s downfall, but also for the stress that many of the girls endure. Of course, when you choose to showcase your life, there are bound to be some negative side effects. While it is a great opportunity for these girls to share their stories with the world, is it really worth it? Luckily, the original Teen Mom will be coming to an end, and though Amber Portwood will be behind bars, hopefully she can get clean once and for all!

What do you think about Nikkole Paulun’s claims?

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