Amber Rose Leaked Photos (Again), Wiz Khalifa Stands By Her

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A 2nd wave of Amber Rose leaked photos of the socialite surfaced online, but her man Wiz Khalifa stood in her defense. Unlike the Scarlett Johansson leaked pictures, the former stripper does not seem to have taken them herself.

It’s almost as if there is an unknown publicist behind the scenes orchestrating the release of a number of so-called “leaked” pictures — by way of hackers.

The Internet frenzy began with Scarlett Johansson leaked photos that circulated on sites like and

And while ScarJo admitted taking the private nude photos herself, she did not give authorization to have them posted on the World Wide Web.

On a lesser note (in terms of skin), Mila Kunis reportedly was the victim of a phone hacking as well.

Unlike the Scarlett Johansson nude pictures leak, Kunis’ photos only showed compromising positions, not bare essentials.

The Amber Rose leaked photos topped them all. The nude photographs showed her in positions deserving of placement in Hustler Magazine and on top-notch porn websites.

But recall back in June when the first “leak” took place and a popular online gossip website posted them for the world to see.

The new photos (15 in all) are a combination of the old with the new. But no matter how you spin it, they are very explicit images of Wiz’s boo.

But big ups to him for standing by his woman. Instead of bailing on her in this difficult time, Wiz Khalifa says that the images of Amber Rose do not tell the story of who she really is.

The rapper, who is reportedly engaged to Rose said that his woman is not in search of attention as the media and haters claim. Instead, he said she is bashful, according to an MTV News report.

“Everybody thinks that she does stuff for attention and that she loves attention, but she’s really, really reserved and shy. She just gets attention ’cause she’s dope,” said Wiz after the Amber Rose leaked photos scandal.

Despite Amber Rose’s Twitter page (@DaRealAmberRose) being quiet this week after the second leak of nude photos, thankfully she has someone to stand by her when the going gets tough, rough, and bare.

Photo: Vibe via Perez Hilton [cover]


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