Amber Rose Leaked Photos: Gets a Non Nude Wiz Khalifa Tattoo

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As the naked Amber Rose leaked photos scandal seems to have died down a bit, a new photo has surfaced online showing a non-nude tattoo. The skin ink honors current boyfriend Wiz Khalifa. Amazingly the picture is of a part of Rose’s body that doesn’t need to be censored and is safe for viewing at work or home.

Wiz Khalifa on stageThis time around, Amber Rose leaked the new photo herself on Twitter. According to MTV, the tattoo is “Cam” in cursive on what appears to be her index finger (which may have been featured in those other leaked photos). Cam is short for Cameron, Wiz Khalifa’s real first name. Apparently, Rose is lovestruck over her latest rap star boyfriend as she tweeted the message, ” “I want his name tatted on me a million times. He’s a dream come true….. He’s my Angel.”

Model Amber Rose has been involved in plenty of controversy to date, and this would only be controversial if the tattoo was meant for another guy besides Wiz. She’s the ex-girlfriend of rap star Kanye West, and there were rumors that Ye’ and Wiz had some verbal exchanges regarding her. Also, there was a media-manufactured beef between Amber and Nicki Minaj, which both women denied on Twitter. There’s also that whole Amber Rose nude scandal where photos of her naked surfaced online. Recent rumors suggested a top talent agency had even fired Rose over the scandal, but Rose has denied the rumors.

Wiz Khalifa already had the “Amb” tattoo on his thumb, so it was only natural that Amber get her own three letter tattoo to pay respect to her man. The good news is that they went with small enough words that they could get the removed or covered up or even changed into something else. Amber Rose already has the makings of the word “camera” something she’s familiar with based on the leaked photos scandal and the tweeted pics!

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