Amber Rose Leaked Photos: New Nude Pics Shunned While Hot Photo Shoots Celebrated?

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The Amber Rose leaked photos scandal has certainly put the model’s name into the spotlight. Some are even arguing that the nude photos of Rose that somehow find their way online are a contradiction of sorts, as it really is an examination of society’s opinion of celebrities and sex.

Internet viewers saw Amber Rose naked online when a series of nude cell phone or digital camera pics got leaked. The website MediaTakeOut was at the center of the leak, and still proudly displays them to this day. However, what seems to be overlooked is the fact that Rose has posed provocatively before for magazines, videos and other campaigns. In fact, so has Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Vanessa Hudgens and countless other stars, some of whom were involved in naked picture leaks or sex video scandals of their own.

As website points out, it seems society is quick to criticize Amber Rose for these latest nude pictures that got leaked. However, they are accepting of celebrities and models using the “sex sells” idea in the magazine photo shoots, music video costumes and advertising they help do. It also appears that society is acting like celebrities don’t have sex, and that taking pictures or videos of themselves having sex is shameful. It might be in a time years and years ago, but not today. Unless celebrities are the only ones taking these pictures or videos, and most of society knows that’s just not true.

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