Amber Rose Nude Pics Scandal: Naked Pictures Get 50 Cent’s Attention

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The recent Amber Rose nude pics scandal has received the attention of the media and then Nicki Minaj, who addressed a potential beef over a boyfriend. Now it has been discussed by rap star 50 Cent, who had nothing but love for the scandal.

In the past, 50 Cent has been involved in plenty of scandals (none with him leaking nude pics, though), and has probably seen his share of models naked. Just recently, 50 Cent was on DJ Whoo Kid’s Shade 45 radio show discussing the Amber Rose naked scandal. 50, real name Curtis Jackson, actually praised the whole situation, which makes for an interesting argument in terms of artist marketing.

While Nicki Minaj recently crushed the idea she had beef with Amber Rose over these naked images, 50 Cent took a different side. Of the scandal, 50 said:

It looked good. Let me tell you something. Things like that don’t hurt, that’s promotion. That’s publicity. You got to look at who a person was. [If it was] someone who came in that was completely, let’s say, conservative, that would be a damaging blow…

So was this really a scandal here? 50 Cent believes the photos in question, showing Rose in compromising sexual poses, were set up by Rose herself for a boyfriend. He noted that she changed shoes in the pictures, so she was clearly thinking about what she was doing for a photo shoot of sorts.

According to Amber Rose. those photos were leaked by a former employee and are over two years old. She has noted how embarrassed and distraught the whole incident has been for her. However, 50 believes that they may have been taken for Amber to pass on to current boyfriend Wiz Khalifa.

While it’s unknown who is right here, 50 does make the good point about publicity. This scandal has Amber Rose’s name out there. Not many people know who she was prior to this. While they still may not know who she is after the leaked nude pics, this certainly could open doors for opportunity for Rose to get known.

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