Amber Rose’s Skin Tight Dress Shows She’s Pierced Twice Up Top

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Amber Rose hasn’t been in the media much since her breakup with Kanye West but she’s back! This time around, the curvaceous beauty was photographed in a skin tight dress which showed that Amber doesn’t only love tattoos but nipple rings as well. Major ouch!

Amber Rose

Rose can be seen in the photo with the shape of two horizontal bar rings on her lady parts.

Of course, there’s no shame in having piercings. What’s a lady like Amber Rose suppose to do with her rings if she wants to wear that body hugging dress? Apparently, the answer is nothing; just toss on the dress, keep the piercings in and expect lots of heads to turn and stare at your bosom.

Anyway, it’s nice to see that Amber Rose is doing well after her major breakup. Then again, she doesn’t seem like the type of woman who spends much time dwelling on heartbreak. Look at her, she’s gorgeous!

photo: Amber Rose via Twitter

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