AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Episode 2 Recap: Escape from ATL

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At the end of last week’s premiere, we left Rick Grimes holed up in a tank surrounded by zombies. Miraculously, a voice had come through the radio just in time to give Grimes a glimpse of hope. Last night (in an episode entitled “Guts”) we met the person attached to the voice: a beautiful scamp named Glenn.

A nimble scavenger, Glenn helps Rick out of his predicament by instructing him to make a mad dash for a fenced-off alley nearby. Picking off every zombie between him and the alley, Rick makes it to the temporary safe haven. He then scrambles up a series of ladders with Glenn, almost followed by a particularly adroit quasi-climbing zombie. When they get to the rest of Glenn’s group and nervous blonde Andrea pulls a gun on Rick, it becomes abundantly clear that interpersonal violence is going to be as much of a threat (if not moreso) than any zombie attack.

Glenn’s group comprises a ragtag assortment of survivors sent to scavenge Atlanta by the outlying survivor camp we met last week – the one that includes Rick’s estranged wife Lori. The group’s got Andrea, Rick’s lovable yet terrified potential love interest; Merle Dixon, a rabidly bigoted sharpshooter; T-Dog, the unfortunate target of Merle’s racism; and a few other scrappy survivors. Merle’s opinions land him handcuffed to a pipe on the roof of a department store, and when the group has to make a quick getaway, T-Dog accidentally drops the key down a vent. Looks like Merle gets to juggle starvation, heat stroke, and the building’s eventual zombie infestation in the episodes to come.

The group’s escape hinges on Rick and Glenn covering themselves with zombie guts (hence the episode title) in order to shuffle undetected through a throng of zombies. They’re about to make it until…cue thundercrack. Our two heroes just barely scale the fence that protects the moving van before another surprisingly agile zombie climbs over the barrier. This begs the question: are there zombies that can do more than saunter? It could be that the more deft “walkers” are fresher corpses, so they retain more of their prior abilities. On the other hand, it could be that some zombies are called “walkers” because other zombies do much more than that.

Thanks to Glenn’s hot-wiring capabilities and a very loud car alarm, he’s able to lead most of the zombies away from the loading dock where Rick picks up the rest of the group. The episode ends on Glenn’s triumphant yee-haw, barreling out of Atlanta in a screaming red coupe.

Other items of note: Shane and Lori’s forest sexcapade surprisingly doesn’t end with a breathy zombie standing idly by, and the tank that Rick hides in is none other than the famous Abrams model. If Frank Darabont can insert a few more million last names into the script, he might just amass the audience this show deserves.

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