Amelia Earhart ‘Clues’ Found in ‘Poop’ – Theories Abound

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Amelia Earhart clues were found in poop!  Some evidence was recently discovered on an island known as Nikumaroro, where she is believed to have gone down in her plane 74 years ago. Theories about Earhart’s fate may be settled by lab tests comparing reference DNA samples to the fecal matter discovered on the island.

The famous pilot and her navigator Fred Noonan were last seen 7 decades ago when they set out on an epic flight across the Pacific Ocean, with hopes of circling the world.

Sadly, the pair never made it and was thought to have perished after living for some time as castaways, according to Discovery News.

The irony of the matter is that it was probably not the crash that claimed their lives; it appears they merely starved to death or fell victim to exposure. Again, thatÂ’s another Amelia Earhart theory.

Earhart’s body is thought to be a skeleton recovered in 1940, but the bones have gone missing. It is no doubt, if the bones were recovered, evidence of the remains could point to the famous pilot.

No one has rushed to judgment yet, but with all the items they found on the so-called-uninhabited island, the evidence more than likely points to Earhart.

Now The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) believe Amelia Earhart clues found in poop will support its belief that she did live for a while following the crash of her aircraft. If it was not her, someone was there at one point, as evidenced by the cooking utensils left behind.

Of all the things this group has found over the years, the identity of the remains recovered could be verified from a sample of fecal matter thought to be human waste. Imagine that?

But just like the bone fragments found on the tropical uninhabited island of Nikumaroro, a complex DNA analysis is needed to determine if clues from the poop point to Amelia Earhart.

This discovery should qualify as an episode to be aired on Discovery’s Dirtiest Jobs, but thatÂ’s another matter. Imagine for a moment that someone has to take fecal matter, thought to be human waste, and pick through it until enough of it can be tested for DNA.

As horrible as the task is of finding Amelia Earhart clues in poop sounds, it could turn out to be the most reliable piece of evidence discovered to prove the theories surrounding her death.


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