American Airlines Food Killed Othon Cortes According to Family

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Airline food is notoriously gross, but can it kill? Othon Cortes’s family claims an American Airlines inflight meal caused his death, and they have filed a lawsuit against the airline and the food contractor Sky Chefs.

American Airlines Food Killed Othon Cortes According to FamilyOn a flight from Barcelona, Spain to New York, Othon Cortes ate a meal, and his family said it was contaminated with bacteria that ultimately led to his death. The food was contaminated with Clostridium perfringens bacteria, and the family said it is because American Airlines and the contractor failed to “properly maintain or prepare the food.”

The 73-year-old felt sick after getting off the plane in New York, but he boarded his flight to Miami. On that flight, he experienced heart problems, and ultimately died before the plane made an emergency landing. The family also wants American Airlines to pay because they allowed him to fly in his condition.

This is an unusual lawsuit. It is terrible that Othon Cortes died on his flight. However, was the airline food truly to blame? Obviously this is something the courts will likely end up deciding. How terrible it would be to lose a family member because of an in-flight meal.

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