‘American Chopper’ ‘Biker Build Off’ winner announced last night!

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American Chopper “Biker Build Off” votes claimed a winner last night, and although the winner might not surprise you, many are asking this morning if the right bike did win. Pauly Jr. and his modern creation took the “Biker Build Off” win last night, leaving Jesse James’ traditional road bike for second place. American Chopper‘s competition was really between James and Pauly Jr., as Pauly Sr. really didn’t build a bike.

“Biker Build Off” saw two bikes that were really in the running, with Pauly Sr. concocting more of a toy than a road-worthy bike. Jesse James and Pauly Jr. built bikes as polarized as one could get in the world of bikers. James’ brought a traditional bike to the competition, one that any die-hard biker would jump on and ride the open road with pride. Pauly Jr. concentrated more on modern sleek looks, or the aesthetics of the bike, which a true-biker might want to some extent, but not to the point where it cost you frequent stops for fueling. This is probably the reason that Screen Rant wonders if the right bike won the American Chopper “Biker Build Off” last night.

As James’ pointed out about Pauly Jr’s bike, the gas tank on his “Biker Build Off” offering wouldn’t get you further than 10 miles before you would need refueling. Pauly Jr. countered James’ point with it will get you 20 miles before you’d need a gas station. Either way, a true die-hard biker wants to fly the open road without having frequent refueling stops. This American Chopper entry looks cool and sleek and is a one-of-a-kind beauty, but is it a bike that a biker wants to use as his main ride?

The controversy of the American Chopper “Biker Build Off” continues as two different camps have thoughts about the bikes. Pauly Jr’s is a beauty, but a show bike that hinders you on a long distance run, where Jesse James built a bike to ride. Both are creative works of art, but when it comes down to it, what do you want out of a bike?

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