‘American Horror Story’ News: Emmy Wins and Returning Actor Announced

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“American Horror Story” had high hopes for the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards, but the show took a chance by classifying itself as a “Miniseries or Movie” and not as a drama. That could have hurt it or helped it, and with only two wins in the 17 nominations, it looks like it didn’t help it as much as producers thought it could have.

However, it may not have hurt it at all. With 17 Emmy nominations, the interest levels for the second season of the series might be higher than ever. The show most similar to it thematically is “The Walking Dead” and that series only garnered three nominations, not winning a single one. The best thing a television show hoping to pick up viewers can do is pick up awards nominations, and even though it lost 15 of the categories, the fact it was there is huge.

Another big news item coming out of the Emmy Awards was that Emmy winner Eric Stonestreet returns for the second season of the series. Stonestreet won his Emmy for Best Comedy Actor for “Modern Family” but also guest starred in Season 1 of the horror series. Now, he returns for the second season as a killer.

“American Horror Story” is a unique television series, one that tells a different story, with different characters in each season. There is no continuing storyline from one season to the next and it really does play out like an extended mini-series. The only holdover is returning actors, like Eric Stonestreet, playing different roles. Jessica Lange, who won an Emmy last night for the show, also returns as does Sarah Paulson.

Season 2 takes place in an asylum for the criminally insane and follows a nun and her boss as they tackle real-life horrors. The new season kicks off on October 17.

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