‘American Horror Story’ Spoiler: Dylan McDermott Returns and More

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American Horror Story has a big character returning this week and fans don’t want to miss it. In new spoilers, Dylan McDermott will return tonight on the new episode and fans can’t get enough of this storyline. It is going to be a great episode full of drama and of course the return of Bloody Face.

Dylan is playing the modern day Bloody Face. One big thing that happens is fans finally see what he did with Theresa. If you are wondering about his connections to Briarcliff, that will come out too. It will not be what you were thinking either. It is going to be an action-packed episode.

Lana will find someone that actually wants to help her and this will become her new friend. It appears this person really does want to do all that they can for her, but it is unknown if they can get her out of there. They are an honest friend and are not just playing it up with her.

American Horror Story airs new episodes on Wednesday on FX. Don’t miss this episode tonight where Dylan McDermott shows up.

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