‘American Horror Story’ Spoilers: 3 New Characters Join the Madness

American Horror Story entered the fray on FX last fall, and fans were taken in by the gruesome nature of the series and the characters. The series is ready to do it all over again once its returns to the network in October. This time the action will be in a mental institution on the east coast, and Jessica Lange is returning to the series. This time, she will be playing an entirely different character, and she is very much in charge.

From Inside The Box reported the coming arrival of three new characters to the series. The roles are not yet cast, but these descriptions should hold fans over until the series does cast the roles. These new faces will join Chloe Sevigny and Adam Levine as patients of the mental institution:

  • Jed: Male, 18 years old (no minors), Caucasian, thin, wiry, a farmhand. We need a brilliant inventive actor for a great guest lead. Work period: July 20-31.
  • Clara: 40s to 60s, Latina, extremely extremely thin, freakish. 3-Episode Co-Star.
  • Pepper: Female, 20 to 40, very charactery (possibly malformed), child-like, small, 4-5 feet tall (but proportionate, we need normal length arms, legs, torso, etc). Actress must be comfortable wearing facial prosthetics. Multi-Episode Co-Star

Pepper sounds like she is set to scare people with her looks alone. Clara might do that as well though. It will be interesting to see what horrifying images American Horror Story will present to viewers in its second season.

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