‘American Idol 10′ – Who’s Going to Hollywood, 2nd Week Auditions

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During the first two weeks of American Idol 10, the new judging crew have been impressive. TheyÂ’ve sent many singers on to Hollywood, so many in fact, that itÂ’s hard to keep track. For this reason, the following is a list of all the singers who made it the second week of the season. These singers auditioned in either Milwaukee or Nashville.

1. Scotty McCreery, 16, from Garner, North Carolina. He saw himself as an All-American kid who played baseball. He had a surprisingly low voice for a 16-year-old. He sang Your Man and sounded like Randy Travis. He also sang a Travis Tritt song. Randy Jackson liked that he was a throwback.

american idol 102. Emma Henry, 15, from Littleton, Colorado. She drove to Milwaukee with her new learnerÂ’s permit. She sang True Colors, and Steven Tyler thought she had something he couldnÂ’t put his finger on, while Jennifer Lopez thought she needed more work. Randy thought Hollywood would eat her up, but changed his no to a yes at StevenÂ’s insistence.

3. Naima Adedapo, 25, an artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She works janitorial services for MilwaukeeÂ’s Summerfest. She wants to give her daughters what she never had. She sang For All We Know. Jennifer Lopez thought she was the whole package.

4. Jerome Bell, 27, a Bar Mitzvah singer from New York City. He called his shoes Space Boots. He sang Let’s Get It On. The judges threw a lot of words at him, including “hot crazy vocals” and “powerful.”

5. Thia Magia, 15, from Mountain House, California. was originally going to audition next year, but moved her plans up a year with the age restriction change. She told Randy sheÂ’d been watching him before she could read. She sang Chasing Pavements, and Steven loved her voice, thinking it had a lot of character and smoke.

6. Molly DeWolf Swensen, 22, a White House intern from Seattle, Washington. SheÂ’s a recent graduate of Harvard, now working in the Obama administration as an intern. Randy accidentally hit her in the mouth when he was high-fiving people the morning of the auditions. She sang SittinÂ’ on the Dock of the Bay.

7. Haley Reinhart, 18, from Wheeling, Illinois. She had originally tried out last season, and the judges told her to come back. This time she sang Oh DarlinÂ’, and Steven thought she was hitting the notes like a carnival bell.

8. Tiwan Strong, 29, a daycare teacher from Chicago, Illinois. He sang TwistinÂ’ the Night Away, and all the judges thought he sounded great. As he was celebrating with the people that came to support him, one of the women got a charley horse.

9. Steve Beghun, 27, a CPA from Bloomington, Minnesota. He is a wedding and funeral singer and thought the weddings were more fun. He made a joke out of himself being a “big goon,” a play on his surname. Steven thought he was one of the few to hit the high note right.

10. Scott Dangerfield, 22, a student teacher from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When he walked into the audition, Steven asked if those were his real lips, or if he had borrowed StevenÂ’s lipstick. He sang DreaminÂ’, and Jennifer thought he might be her favorite they had seen so far.

11. Alyson Jados, 26, a bartender and waitress from Chicago, Illinois. Steven is her Idol. She sang Come Together, and combined with Steven on Dream On. He thought she was a little pitchy, and Randy didnÂ’t think she was ready. Jennifer thought she came alive onstage. This put it in StevenÂ’s hands, and he decided to send her to Hollywood.

american idol 1012. Chris Medina, 26, a barista and caretaker from Oak Forest, Illinois. Chris’ fiancée had an accident that left her with a traumatic brain injury. He sang Break Even, and the judges asked to meet his girlfriend. Steven was very sweet to her.

13. Chelsee Oaks, 23, a waitress from Nashville, Tennessee. She auditioned along with her ex, Rob. They sang To Love Somebody together, and sang separately as well. Her current boyfriend was at the audition too.

14. Rob Bolin, 23, a restaurant worker from Nashville, Tennessee. He auditioned along with his ex, Chelsee. They sang To Love Somebody together, and he sang WhatÂ’s Going On on his own.

15. Stormi Henley, 19, Miss Teen USA from Crossville, Tennessee. She wanted to see how far she could get with just talent, being that they didnÂ’t have a talent portion for Miss Teen USA. She sang Father Can You Hear Me, and Steven wanted her to let loose with the voice more, yet still said yes. Jennifer said no, and Randy broke the tie and put her through.

16. Adrienne Beasley, 22, from Wickliffe, Kentucky. Black, she was adopted by older white parents. She wants to be able to give back to the them. Steven heard something in her voice he couldnÂ’t put a finger on. She called her dad when she made it, who wanted to know who was paying her way to Hollywood, then said he was tickled.

17. Paul McDonald, 25, a musician from Nashville, Tennessee. He sang Maggie May. He and the following two singers were shown in just a short montage on American Idol 10.

18. Jimmie Allen, 25, a waiter from Franklin, Tennessee.

19. Danny Pate, 23, a citrus farmer from Auburndale, Florida. He sang Papa Was a Rolling Stone, and the judges sang and clapped along with him.

20. Matt Dillard, 27, unemployed from Cheatham County, Tennessee. His family has taken in seven-hundred foster children in twenty-three years. He sang a Josh Groban tune. Randy voted yes, Jennifer voted no, and Steven was on the fence, then put him through.

21. Lauren Alaina, 15, of Rossville, Georgia. Her cousin inspired her to start singing and was diagnosed with a brain tumor three years ago. After Lauren made it through, her family was invited in, and she sang one of their favorites, I DonÂ’t Wanna Miss a Thing.

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