American Idol 2010 – Idol Tour Date Cancellations And Shuffling – What Is Going On?

Alright, American Idol fans! What is going on with American Idol this summer? We still don’t have a replacement set in place for Simon Cowell, and now the tour is having some trouble. This doesn’t look good for American Idol and its continued future, does it?

The American Idols Live Tour 2010 just kicked off on July 1st, and by the weekend we were seeing dates rescheduled and some dates even canceled altogether. We have seen at least three to four dates canceled, and several others shuffled around to new dates. What is really going on here?

Could we soon see the end of American Idol? Is this the mad dash that is being put in place to try and save it? With us losing Simon Cowell and rumors flying about in regard to Ryan Seacrest, could we see the end of American Idol after season ten? I think it is a possibility, but we will have to wait to find out! To find out the status of your own American Idols Tour 2010 show, visit Live Nation. What do you think? For more of my American Idol coverage, go here. For the latest in television news from me, go here. 

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