American Idol 2010 – Kara Dioguardi Out – Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler in for Season 10?

American Idol fans, it is safe to say that a lot has happened in the world of American Idol in the last twenty-four hours. Is the shake-up done yet? That remains to be seen.

The news started to pour out on late Thursday afternoon with the release of the news that Ellen Degeneres had left the reality competition with a year left to go on her contract. With an hour of that announcement, it looked like Jennifer Lopez was ready to take Ellen’s spot on the judge table. Her name had been mentioned as a possibility in the past.

The shaking wasn’t done there. Word came late Thursday night that Kara Dioguardi has been fired from her position as American Idol judge. Steven Tyler, leader singer of Aerosmith, is rumored to have taken her spot on the panel. No word yet on who will replace Simon Cowell. However, the possibility of the return to a three judge panel has also been tossed about early this Friday.

A shake-up just like this could be what is needed to bring Idol back. Even with it still be in top of the ratings, the numbers have gone down in recent years. Not too sure about these new judges though. At least they are both from the music industry. What do you think of all these at American Idol? For more American Idol coverage, go here. For the latest in television news, go here. 

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