American Idol 2010: Michael Lynche “Will You Be There” Performance (video)

Tonight on American Idol, Michael Lynche performed, “Will You Be There”.  The contestants had to choose songs made popular in movies.  “Will You Be There” was featured on the soundtrack of 1991’s Free Willy.  Michael Jackson originally performed the song.  Jamie Foxx was the celebrity mentor for the contestants this week.  It was a great fit for movie week in my opinion, since Jamie has done both acting and singing.

I love this song.  I thought it was a great choice for Big Mike.  I thought he sang it well, but……  But he just sang the song.  It was nothing special.  He should have changed it up just a bit.  He has the ability, I think he was just trying to play it safe and coast into the Top 3.

What did the judges say?

Well, Randy thought it was just alright and it never really took off.  Ellen thought it was weird that his goal was to get into the top 3 instead of to win.  She called it a “predictable” performance.  Kara said that she wanted goosebumps tonight, but she didn’t feel it tonight.  She also thought that Michael played it safe.  Simon said that at least he gave it 100% and he thought that Michael “meant it”.

What did you think about Michael Lynche’s performance?  Share your thoughts below!

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