American Idol 2010 – Pre-Idol Music From Crystal Bowersox Hits The Net – Listen Here

It is the start of a new week, and that means we are soon going to see an all-new episode of American Idol on Tuesday night. The top nine is set to perform songs from the Lennon-MccCartney songbook, and we will see one more go home on Wednesday night after Rihanna performs what is said to be her next single, Te Amo.

The top contender for the American Idol title this season appears to be Crystal Bowersox. She seems to be America’s favorite so far in a week pool of American Idol 9 contestants. Over the Easter holiday weekend, two songs that Crystal wrote and performed herself hit Youtube, and they are making the rounds of the net today.

The two tracks, Hellbent and Sunflower Sunshine, show Crystal’s talent as a songwriter. Does she have the talent it takes to win this season of American Idol? Check out the tracks below. What do you think?


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