American Idol 2010 – Ryan Seacrest Stalker Gets Jail Time

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Ryan Seacrest can breathe a little easier today. Yesterday, a man that had been stalking the American Idol host, Chidi Uzomah, was sentenced to two years in prison yesterday. As a part of his punishment, he has also been required to stay away from Seacrest for the next ten years.

His charges stem from two incidents. The first happened back in September. He showed up near Seacrest twice. One outside an Orange County hospital, and the second at the radio station where Ryan Seacrest does his morning show. Both times, the man had a knife with him.

Sounds like a scary situation there! We can hope Chidi serves his time and straightens out things in his head when it comes to Ryan. You can never truly know what is going on in someone’s head when they do things such as this. Stalking is serious and with their being a weapon involved, Chidi had intentions to do more than just say hello to Ryan. Scary world we live in, folks! For more of my American Idol coverage, go here. For more of my celebrity gossip news, go here.

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