American Idol 2010: Who got kicked off American Idol last night? Katie Stevens is sent home

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American Idol 2010 continued this week, as Katie Stevens was kicked off American Idol last night to end her run.

Stevens is the first truly talented person eliminated from the show this season – save for Todrick Hall, who was cut so early he never got a chance to prove himself. But Stevens continued to get poor reviews from the judges on performances I felt were worthy of better, and she barely survived a few earlier eliminations.

It’s too bad. In fact, Stevens has improved so much she’s outperformed fellow teenager Siobhan Magnus over the last few weeks.

Ultimately, I think Stevens got stuck in a tough situation: Too many teenagers for just a few positions. Inevitably every year there are a few teens who America falls in love with, and this season Siobhan and Katie just happen to be fighting with a pair of boys who have won the nation’s teeny boppers over more for their locks than their chops.

In the end, with Aaron and Tim Urban sucking up most of the teenage vote, it was almost inevitable it would come down to Siobhan or Katie at some point. Three weeks ago I would have said it was a no- brainer, but Katie had performed well enough of late to make things interesting.

And frustrating given the outcome. Stevens had developed into a consistent performer with a pleasing sound, and it’s always hard to see someone like that leave when someone like Tim Urban continues to squeak through with little discernible ability.

In the end, Stevens is the first truly talented singer to get eliminated, this season. But, given the way the show has historically gone, she most certainly won’t be the last.

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