American Idol 2010: Who got kicked off American Idol last night? Not Tim Urban, part III

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American Idol 2010 followed up one of its most disastrous near-cuts with a shameful cut Wednesday. So who got kicked off American Idol last night? Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens were sent packing.

Meanwhile, Tim Urban and his hair remain in the competition.

I’ve made no secret that I’m a card-carrying member of the “Tim Urban must go” fan club, and nothing has changed. What made Wednesday night so frustrating is that Stevens is the first truly talented person with a shot at a career to get cut instead of the talentless Urban, who admittedly turned in one of his better performances of the season Tuesday night.

But he wasn’t better than Stevens. And he is nowhere near the top of the pack. His presence on the show at this point makes it difficult for me to watch, in all honesty, because every week I live in fear that one of the top stars will get axed while his smiley face continues for no good reason.

In the end, Garcia was an obvious choice to go. He had underwhelmed for weeks, and was struggling for consistency. But Urban was the other obvious choice. How two people can go home and Urban can’t be one of them I’ll never understand.

There are a handful of talented people remaining, but I can only sit back and wonder which of them will be ousted before Urban next week.

Tune in to find out, if you have the stomach for it.

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