American Idol 2010: Who got kicked off American Idol last night? Yet again, not Tim Urban

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American Idol 2010 continued to surprise Wednesday night. So who got kicked off American Idol? Nobody. What’s worse, Tim Urban, the tween heartthrob with overwhelming hair and underwhelming talent, somehow managed to avoid the bottom three all together.

Instead Michael Lynche, one of the two most consistent and impressive contestants on the show, was not only in the bottom three but also required the judge’s only save of the season to avoid elimination.

The save was most certainly justified, but by voting Lynche off and sparing the talentless Urban, America has created an inevitable situation in the coming weeks: Someone else who is talented will be cut, and the judges will not have a save to rely on.

It’s sort of typical of the show to have the most talented person voted off prior to the finish line. But this was an earlier-than-expected mistake, especially given that Lynche has done nothing but impress thus far.

In the end, it all worked out for the best, with Lynche sticking around. But, in the moments when Lynche was awaiting his fate in front of the judges Wednesday night, I was praying Urban would stand and shout “Wait, don’t do it, I deserve to go home.”

That would have been the only honest outcome.

Instead Urban and his fabled locks remain for yet another week.

And, given America’s propensity for getting it all wrong, he’s no doubt safe for a long time to come.

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