‘American Idol’ 2012 April 25 Review — Elise Testone Wants it All, Does She Get It?

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When American Idol 2012 resumed on April 25, the top 6 were given the hefty challenge of delivering two tunes each, including a song by the epic rock band Queen. Although some of the hopefuls faltered a little during that challenging first round, Elise Testone’s version of “I Want it All” drew rave reviews from the judges.

Elise looked the part of the hippie rocker chick in a short black dress and long colorful overdress. To complete her image, she even clutched a red tambourine. Jennifer Lopez rocked out at the judges’ table, and Elise rocked out on stage. She has real talent, and when given the right song, she gets it done. Though she’s had a checkered past on the show, she did a solid job with Queen.

Steven Tyler said, “you sang that like the classical song it was” and “that was great.” Jennifer said, “that was you in your element” and praised its “natural” and “sexy” components. Both judges praised her for finding the right song. Randy Jackson marveled over three good performances in a row, and enjoyed how the song let her do her “Janis [Joplin] thing in the middle.”

After the Idol judges said their piece, Elise said she “just wanted to be” herself and called “the rock stuff” her wheelhouse. She was pleased to have done justice to Freddie Mercury’s memory.

To see if Elise Testone will once again elude elimination, watch the American Idol 2012 top 6 results show Thursday night on FOX.

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