‘American Idol’ 2012 Finale Results Review — Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez Go ‘Where We Belong’

Phillip Phillips may have emerged as the winner of American Idol 2012 on May 23, but the guy from Georgia and first runner-up Jessica Sanchez teamed up to perform a memorable duet near the show’s end that made both finalists look like true champions.

The tune of choice was the Joe Cocker/Jennifer Warnes hit “Up Where We Belong”, from the soundtrack of “An Officer and a Gentleman”. Jessica, wearing a stunning maroon gown, began the tune, and Phillip, who ditched his customary grey shirt in favor of a slick black suit, joined in, eliciting the screams of ladies in the Nokia Theater.

The pair worked the song like the pros that they’re seemingly destined to become. It was an especially appropriate selection for Phillip, who judges Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler had likened to Cocker more than once during season 11. And Jessica’s strong balladeer’s voice gave the song amazing volume and depth.

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