‘American Idol’ 2012 Finalist Heejun Han: ‘I take this very seriously’

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When the axe fell at the close of the American Idol 2012 top 10 results show, viewers said good-bye to the recently made over 26-year-old Erika Van Pelt. Surviving for another chance at Idol status is controversial contestant Heejun Han, whose antics have made some question whether or not he’s giving the competition his all. Did America get it right? Does Heejun belong in the top 9?

It’s debatable. His March 21 rendition of Billy Joel’s “My Life” was comical at best, terrible at worst. Heejun certainly had a good time, but his vocals were shaky and inconsistent. Randy Jackson was so flummoxed by the routine that he simply praised Heejun for having fun on stage. Rocker Steven Tyler, however, didn’t hide his disdain, plainly—and without a hint of amusement—telling Heejun that the music industry would kick his posterior and that “at some point you gotta try and take it more serious.”

On Friday morning, Heejun indirectly addressed the judge’s comments when he tweeted “criticism makes me strong love makes me even stronger.I take this very seriously my goal is to deliver love and hope for people who needs it”.

Good intentions aside, it’s never fair when a subpar singer survives over a stronger contestant. Erika’s Billy Joel week offering was strong and drew the panelists’ praise, so her dismissal is unsettling. But that’s the way reality TV voting goes; less talented hopefuls often outlive contestants with less mainstream appeal.

Hopefully, the American Idol 2012 top 9 show, which is slated to feature the finalists singing tunes by their personal musical idols, will bring out the best in Heejun Han. He certainly has the chops to bring it big-time, and it’s time for him to get his act together once and for all. If he doesn’t, he may well be in very big trouble when elimination night rolls around.

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