‘American Idol’ 2012 May 9 Review — Hollie Cavanagh wants ‘the whole thing, dawg!’

The May 9 episode of American Idol 2012 featured the vocal stylings of the top 4 hopefuls. Hollie Cavanagh of McKinney, Texas, started her evening on a high note with a California Dreamin’ round rendition of “Faithfully” that drew the praise of all three judges.

But before Hollie’s performance, America got a look at her time on Idol thus far. Featured was a flashback to her season 10 audition, where after being rejected by the judges, she sang “The Climb,” which prompted them to send her on to Hollywood. Even though she didn’t make it to the live shows until season 11, Hollie took inspiration from the belief that Jennifer Lopez expressed in her talent.

Hollie stood alone center stage for her rendition of the California band Journey’s iconic classic. Although it wasn’t a perfect offering, and some of the notes weren’t what they could’ve been, the last few bars in particular were lovely and resonated with the sweet vocal quality that Hollie can deliver.

Randy Jackson declared, “wow, Hollie Cavanagh, you’re peaking at the right time this season.” He called the song “near and dear to my heart” and said she’d done Steve Perry proud. He looked at his cohorts and declared, “Hollie wants to have the whole thing, dawg.” Jennifer appreciated “watching how much you’ve grown” and loved her confidence. She called the performance “really very beautiful.” Steven Tyler said he’d watched her “blossom” and called her song choice, “over the top.”

But can Hollie Cavanagh advance? It’ll be tough for the UK native, who’s spent plenty of time in the bottom two and three, but nothing’s ever predictable with reality TV. Watch the American Idol 2012 top 4 results show Thursday at 8 PM to see how it pans out.

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