‘American Idol’ 2012 Spoilers for May 2 for British Week

American Idol 2012 is down to the final five contestants, so from here on in the work is cut out for those talents who remain on the very competitive TV reality show. That said, TV Guide has provided some spoilers for Wednesday’s performance show

The entertainment site is in the know as to which songs will be sung by which contestants on what is being called British Week.

Of particular interest is what is on the roster for the only Brit appearing on this season of AI: Hollie Cavanagh.

This tiny talent with the powerful voice has been in the bottom 3 a number of times on American Idol 2012. She was there last week and so she must up her game in order to stay on the show and see it through to the end.

The first tune she will sing is “Imagine,” arguably John Lennon’s most iconic hit. A stirring song that requires the right voice and a lot of depth, this is one for which Hollie will need to pull out all the stops in order to make this song her own while not taking away from the late, great member of the Beatles and his original interpretation. It’s a fine line that will have to be handled with care.

After that, Cavanagh will switch gears to warble a song from the current boy band One Direction. The tune is called “What Makes You Beautiful” and it is a pop anthem that may be really tough to sell as a serious song at this serious time on American Idol.

While Hollie has hit the bottom three too many times during this season of AI, her colleague Phillip Phillips has never been there. And perhaps he never will be. This week this individualist is going to take on “White Blank Page,” covering Mumford & Sons. Yes, it’s another obscure song that may or may not alienate the voters.

However, Phil’s other tune is one literally anyone who has ever picked at a guitar knows well: “House of the Rising Sun” from The Animals. No doubt Phillips will have a lot of fun growling out this iconic tune, but will he do so while creating his own rendition that resonates with the general pubic? Probably. Of anyone left in the competition, Phillip Phillips knows how to make a song his own.

Then there’s Jessica Sanchez, who is a favorite on American Idol despite the fact that the judges had to use their only save to get this 16-year-old out of a pickle earlier in the season when she received the least amount of viewer votes.

That hasn’t happened since the save and with the songs she is preparing for British Week, this San Diego-based singer will likely go on with the show. She’s going to be crooning Jessie J’s anthem called “Domino” which should have the whole crowd on hand for the FOX show jumping out of their seats and clapping their hands as she bops around the stage for this pop song.

Then, Jessica Sanchez will take on a Joss Stone tune called “You Had Me.” This is a good song for the fierce side of this singer, especially if she can get her ire up enough to get the right amount of emotion out. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, these are only some of the American Idol 2012 spoilers for May 2 as will be performed for British Week. Stay tuned for more.

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