‘American Idol’ 2012 Top 4 Spoilers and Predictions

On Wednesday, the remaining American Idol contestants are sure to endure an intense night. The top 4 will show off their skills, ready or not. That means Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez and Hollie Cavanagh will need to be on their game. Their very best game.

But what game will that be? What songs will these talents sing in order to make a real run for the AI win?

According to a source, someone close to the show (OK, American Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe), for their first number, the final four will croon to songs that comes equipped with the theme of “California Dreamin’.”

Does that mean everyone will be singing a Beach Boys tune?

That’s highly doubtful. Other songs, songs that are much more contemporary, can do the trick just as well. Consider “California Gurls” from California girl Katy Perry. That would work, right?

So who will do the best with this theme and who will fall flat?

Most likely Jessica Sanchez will pull off a stellar song. After all, like Katy Perry, she is a huge talent and a California girl who hails from Oceanside.

Then there’s Hollie Cavanagh. She is a strong singer and she tries hard–but she’s had a tough time escaping elimination thus far.

As for Joshua Ledet, well he’s a frontrunner for sure but what song will he pick for this portion of the show? He’s not exactly your quintessential Cali boy.

Then there’s that country gentleman with the double name. Phillip Phillips will probably rock whatever he is given to sing. His thing is that he can reinvent just about any song to make it over again in his own original style.

So who will be voted off American Idol 2012 from the top 4 after the performance show on Wednesday? It is way too early to tell, but it will really be interesting and very exciting to see how these power singers take on a theme like “California Dreamin’.” Right? Right.

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