‘American Idol’ 2012 Top 5 Performance Review — Phillip Phillips Makes Zombies ‘Sexy’

When American Idol 2012 continued May 2, the top 5 finalists performed two individual songs each, one from the 1960s, and the other a Brit Pop hit. Southern boy Phillip Phillips went the way of The Zombies during round two, and in the process, earned praise for an uncharacterisically “low-key” performance.

Phillip chose “a sexy kind of song” in “Time of the Season”. After taking a listen to the Georgia native’s stylings, guest mentor Steven Van Zandt said he thought the song would be “great” and joked that the presence of the actual melody might actually “scare” people. Jimmy Iovine called Phillips “a great looking kid” who has a lot working in his favor.

With rainbow tie-dyed emblems swirling in the background, Phillip and his pet guitar hit the Idol stage. His version of the song was shockingly recognizable, just as Little Steven had noted it would be, and he worked it quite well, although at times, his voice seemed to crack in an unattractive way.

Randy Jackson called him more “laid back” and seemed surprised that Phillip was actually able to sing melody. He wished for more guitar, and called it “a nice performance”. Jennifer Lopez called it “mellow” and “good” and said it sounded like his kind of song. Steven Tyler said he liked the song choice and thought he “sang it really well”.

Will Phillip Phillips, his grey shirt and his guitar advance? Watch the May 3 American Idol 2012 results show to see.

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