‘American Idol’ 2012 Top 5 Review — Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips: ‘Match Made in Heaven’?

American Idol 2012 continued May 2 with a hybrid-themed week as the contestants were charged with performing one Brit pop tune and one ’60s hit each. But it wasn’t all about the individual performances, as the guys and the gals teamed up to deliver collaborative efforts, too. Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips joined forces to deliver the evening’s most inadvertently comical performance in the Righteous Brothers’ “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling.”

When asked about their reactions to having to sing together, the guys deadpanned criticisms of one another. Joshua accused Phillip of “messing me up all the time” and Phillip claimed “I was dreading” singing with Joshua. It was an awkward exchange that fed into an equally strange and awkward performance.

With the silliness out of the way, the guys got down to the business of actually singing. Phillip started off the tune weakly, and Joshua, whose pipes are better suited to the tempo and style, joined in and made it a little better overall. But generally, it was a strange collaborative effort and both guys looked decidedly uncomfortable belting the love song, as if they were both trying to fend off a case of the giggles.

Steven told them that they needed to “embrace” each other out there and get into it. He said it was “so good” and “I need to hear that.” He proclaimed them “a match made in heaven.” Jennifer Lopez laughed “I feel like you were so scared to sing that song together” and told them not to be afraid to sing a duet like that. Randy Jackson said it started off a little slow, but that “it came alive” once they got into it. He told them to remember that they can sing anything if they’re themselves.

To see if Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips advance to the American Idol 2012 top 4, watch the results show May 3 on FOX.

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