‘American Idol’ 2012 Top 7 Redux Recap — Colton Dixon is Gaga for Gaga

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The April 18 episode of American Idol 2012 featured the vocal stylings of the top 7 for a second week running. Each contestant was charged with pulling off two different songs: one produced between 2000 and 2012, and the other, an older soul classic. Fan favorite Colton Dixon showed an entirely different side of himself with a rockin’ Lady Gaga tune during round one, earning praise from the judges and the audience.

But before his segment began in earnest, show host Ryan Seacrest pulled Colton’s sister Schuyler, who also auditioned for AI, onto the stage for questioning. Schuyler called watching Colton on stage “surreal” and “really, really exciting.” But when asked if she was “strategizing for herself for next season,” she said she didn’t know if she was interested in doing it all over again, which prompted Randy Jackson to insist she reconsider.

During his mentoring session with Jimmy Iovine, Colton revealed his plan to sing “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga. Jimmy shared that in order for Colton to have a “moment,” he needs to “hit a high” with the chorus and watch his tempo. Colton said he wanted the audience to know that he wasn’t changing himself, but merely slaying another dragon with a different kind of tune.

The usual soft, balladeering Colton took a rest from the competition as his rocked-up, red-streaked alter-ego hit the Idol stage resolved to channel the inimitable Gaga. It was an entertaining performance. He once again proved that he can work a crowd with the best of them. However, it wasn’t his best number ever, and he’s more of a natural when it comes to the slower songs that he usually performs.

All in all, the panelists gave the routine their stamp of approval. Randy declared “we were just at the Colton Dixon concert there” and said though it probably wasn’t his greatest performance, he “loved to see [his] interpretation of Gaga”. Jennifer Lopez called it “an exciting, exciting performance” and praised his “character”. Steven Tyler noted “you’ve gotta get low to get high” and encouraged Colton to “keep taking chances and risks.”

Will Colton Dixon stick around for another week on American Idol 2012? Tune in to the results show tomorrow on FOX to find out.

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