American Idol 9 – Casey James and Lee Dewyze Taking Different Paths (video)

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On Tuesday night when the Ladies Top 12 performed, they were all pretty much the same, but had a few standouts. However, when the Guys Top 12  performed last night, they were much more diverse, yet we still had a few standouts in Casey James and Lee Dewyze, who if they make it this week, will have done so following two very different paths.

Let’s face it, Casey James is going to be carried along on his looks right now, and the more of a fuss Kara DioGuardi makes over him, the more it’s going to happen. He really doesn’t have to worry too much about his performances for a little while. Not that he can perform terribly, but he doesn’t have to pull it out every week. We’ve been talking about this guy’s looks since his first audition in Hollywood when Kara asking him to take off his shirt. I’d like to know the furor that would erupt if Simon Cowell asked a female contestant to raise up her skirt a little or something similar that wouldn’t leave her naked.

All that attention carried Casey into the top 24, and right now it’s time to get off that and focus on his singing. However, we couldn’t do that with Kara being flustered talking about being a married woman and Ellen DeGeneres saying she thought Kara was undressing him with her eyes and Simon calling Kara a cougar. Again, what would be said if we were talking about Simon undressing a female contestant with his eyes? As for Casey’s singing? It was good, as he took on Bryan Adams’ Heaven, but it wasn’t c omparable to Adams. However, all that is lost as everyone fawns over Casey’s looks.


Probably one of the nicest surprises of the night came from Lee Dewyze. We didn’t see much of him earlier. We saw a glimpse of his audition as he sang Ain’t Not Sunshine guitar-less, then saw a little of him singing You Found Me in Hollywood. If this guy’s going to make it, he’s going to do it on his own merit, without much help from a big Hollywood back story, just as Kris Allen did it last year.

Lee took on Chasing Cars last night, something we  haven’t heard a thousand times before and something he could easily put his own spin on. With him, there is nothing else to talk about, other than his singing. If he makes it, it’s on  his talent and nothing else. Luckily for him, he’s one that people are talking about today. Randy Jackson and Kara might not have approved of the song choice, but Ellen and Simon did. Along with showing talent, he was also one of the few to not show up onstage with a bunch of nerves.

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