‘American Idol:’ Adam Lambert’s Compliments Cause Contention

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This weekend Adam Lambert inadvertently upset some fans of the current American Idol season when he complimented two of the finalists on Twitter. It started on Friday when he tweeted compliments for Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet, “@JSanchezAI11 is a STAR. @jLedetAI11 sangs fo the blood. They wipe the floor with the other two. Its a SINGING competition. #keepinitreal” Obviously Jessica was thrilled by the praise and tweeted back to Adam, “@adamlambert i love you.”

Unfortunately, this led to a fan of Hollie, another finalist, to attack Jessica on Twitter for appreciating Adam’s comment even though he “insulted” Phillip and Hollie. Obviously Jessica did not mean to upset anyone and she apologized to the fan, replying tactfully, “I just read the first part. I didn’t really read it until now :/ Like I said. I apologize. Hollie is amazing! Since Jessica included Adam’s Twitter handle in the tweet, he saw it and clarified, “@JSanchezAI11 oh lawd…. I said I liked u best. Phillip and Hollie are terrific singers. I just think you kick their butts.”

Adam has no reason to apologize for stating his opinion, but it was kind of him to clarify his first comment and give props to Phillip and Hollie. Most fans appreciate that Adam Lambert “keeps it real” and doesn’t sugar-coat his beliefs. As he later tweeted, “My opinions aren’t always diplomatic.” Everyone is entitled to voice their opinions, even celebrities. In a competition situation such as American Idol, when preferring some contestants, it automatically shows less liking for others. Most likely the contestants are thick-skinned enough to understand this. Hopefully their fans can be as well, and accept that not everyone has the same favorites.

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