American Idol: Boston Day 2 and Justin Williams is Feeling Good

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It’s the second hour and the second day of auditions in Boston on American Idol. I’m sort of live blogging as it goes, so let’s see what Fox has in store for us now. If you need a recap of the first hour, read it here.

We start the day with a waitress – Lisa Olivero but the only thing rockin’ about this girl is her shoes. She’s not going through. Sorry.

On the other hand, speedboat pilot Mike Davis is surprisingly good. He’s not marvelous but his version of Yesterday is heartwarming and I think with some coaching he could be very good. Another guy who gets through on his humble attitude. I’m glad to see the judges rewarding such good behavior.

It’s time for more tears as Katie Stevens takes the stage. She sings for her grandmother who has Alzheimer’s and frankly, Idol, I’m tired of you playing me with these sad, sad, back stories. No more! (Like that’s going to happen.) She sings At Last and it’s another old soul – very powerful for someone so young.

Joshua Blaylock is 28 and he’s at the high end of the American Idol age scale. I like him but Simon says that his voice would work if he was 15. He still manages to squeak through but I don’t know if he has much of a future. Maybe he’ll surprise us.

Remember what I said about no more sob stories – yeah right. Next we get Justin Williams and he battled cancer and won. To top it off, he can sing! I see Top Ten in his future.

It’s more shades of Jason Castro when Norberto Guerrero steps into the audition spotlight and I can hear this train wreck coming down the track.

Bosa Nora (who probably spent much of his life being called Bosa Nova – or maybe I’m dating myself with that reference) arrives with his large Nigerian family. He has a pleasant voice but I’m not terribly sold on him. Doesn’t matter as the judges put him through.

The final singer is Leah Laurenti and she has a lovely voice. She does Blue Skies and it’s warm and interesting and she’s through, too. I like her. She’s unassuming and could be one of those underdogs that will wow the audience when they doll her up after Hollywood.

And that’s the end of Day Two. Tomorrow we’re off to Atlanta where we might get our first true wack-a-doodle. Sing with me now.. . . “I am your bruuuuther! You’re best friend foreeever!”

See you tomorrow

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