‘American Idol’ Christian Colton Dixon Speaks Out (Video): Dating Skylar Laine or Not?

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The former “American Idol” contestant, Colton Dixon, has been labeled an “Idol” Christian artist, but he doesn’t desire to be labeled a Christian artist. Dixon would rather be a singer and songwriter who talks about his faith in God. Is there a difference? There certainly is a difference.

Colton Dixon would be prefer to have the freedom to sing secular songs and perform for secular as well as Christian audiences. But he does not want to be boxed into performing only “Christian” songs and singing to Christian audiences. He wants his faith to reach out to a broader spectrum of audiences. Smart guy!

The Christian singer would rather he was compared more to Switchfoot, which is a secular band with Christian singers and band members. The band has the ability to reach out to more of a broad spectrum of audience members without limiting themselves to Christians only.

Dixon was voted off of “American Idol” too early, but he has been touted as understanding how to win the singing competition. He readily admits that he obviously knew no formula for winning “Idol,” but that he just understood that magic happens when he looks at the “red light” and signs for the camera. Doesn’t Dixon know how to snap that sexy look to the camera girls?

Colton Dixon feels that picking the right song each week is a major important factor to win “Idol.” He takes song choice seriously. Dixon mentioned that many times he and Jimmy Iovine would butt heads about song selection. He would willingly agree with Jimmy only if he really enjoyed Iovine’s selection. But he would stand his ground if he didn’t like Iovine’s opinionated opinions.

He is the contestant that surprisingly never received a standing ovation this season. Why? The judges on “Idol” appeared to love Dixon’s performance style. Was it just a fluke that Dixon never received the “O” from the panel of judges on “Idol”?

Dixon admits that he was too preoccupied with “getting a standing ovation.” He loved his song “Piano Man,” and he regrettably expected a standing ovation from the judges that night. What do you think did Colton Dixon get the shaft by not receiving more encouragement and adoration from the “American Idol” judges?

Colton Dixon explained that he chose the Lighthouse song, because he wanted his fans to understand that he loves to sing songs that have a more worship style with tender moments. He mentioned that sometimes “American Idol” contestants will pretend to be a certain artist, while on the show, but make a totally different record-style when off the show. He explained that this two-faced mentality causes many “Idol” contestants to not be successful when the “Idol” show is over.

Fans need to understand who an artist is while watching the singing competition. An “Idol” artist must be true to themselves. They shouldn’t focus only on grabbing votes from audience members.

When asked about explaining his Christian faith on the show, Colton Dixon explained that he didn’t think about when to talk about his faith at all. He just spoke about his faith when he wanted to. If people didn’t like his faith, then don’t vote. It appears that Dixon was not too interested in the winning aspect of “American Idol.” He seems like he just wanted to use the show to get his name out to America. Doesn’t it?

He also eluded that “American Idol” wanted the audience members to believe that a showmance was going on between him and Skylar. He promised that the were not dating. It seemed that Dixon alluded to “AI” wanting America to believe that they were dating. Didn’t it look like Skylar really did like Colton Dixon? She always giggled and blushed when she was asked about dating Colton. Didn’t she?

Dixon also mentioned that depending on votes on “Idol” is fishy. Why? He said the little girls are not very consistent in their voting. If it is a big homework night, they will not be voting for you. No “Idol” contestant can depend solely on those screaming teenage girls to vote. Do you think that Colton Dixon was voted off too early? Should he have won the whole “AI” show?

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