American Idol- Ellen Helps Out Contestant

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After experiencing the murder of her father during her first American Idol audition and having to do jail time for unpaid traffic violations during her second year trying out, you’d think 27-year-old Angela Martin would write off the show as clearly nothing but bad luck. Luckily, Martin isn’t a superstitious person.

The young mother, who has a daughter with a seizure disorder called Rett Syndrome, tried out for the reality show yet again and made it to Hollywood for the third time. Alas, her fate was once more cut short not by tragedy but by very stiff competition. Don’t feel too sorry for her, though… Martin’s struggles and her overwhelming perseverance tugged hard at Idol judge Ellen’s heart.

“You have had your share of really bad luck and some sad things happening in your life, but your attitude is so amazing because you keep getting back up,” Ellen told Martin during Friday’s airing of The Ellen Show.

During the show, Martin retold her story to Ellen and her audience and even sang a little. Wow, I mean really American Idol? You cut her? She sang amazingly! Now here’s the kicker: Ellen surprised Martin with the promise of a record deal and studio time to record a new song written by fellow Idol judge Kara DioGuardi!

And this is why I adore Ellen. She has so much love in her that it’s literally flowing over onto everyone who crosses her path. Not only does she support an arm full of charities including Stand Up To Cancer and Second Harvest, she is just one of the most heartfelt people in Hollywood… always helping those in need (remember the horrible fires in southern California? She hooked up many displaced families with needed necessities).

My two favorite famous people are Ellen and Tyler Perry. Tyler is a beautiful storyteller who, through his faith and love for God, touches lives with his movies and plays. He’s definitely touched my life!

We need more Ellens and Tylers in this world… with real sincerity for another human being. I bet if we all knew more people like that, today would be a much better day.



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