‘American Idol’ Getting a Season 12 Revamp: What Should Change?

American Idol has wrapped its eleventh season, and now it is time to look ahead to season twelve. Some changes are in store before the next season rolls around though. What exactly will change? What needs to change? Judges? Voting? The type of singers on the show?

It is safe to say that some changes do need to be made. While still one of the top series on television, ratings have steadily dropped for the series in recent years. The ratings for this season’s finale dropped 32% in fact. With the company behind Idol going through its own revamp this week, that company now wants to work on its top program to keep it on the air for many more seasons. The following was said about one of the changes possibly being made on the series, according to MJ’s Big Blog:

“One of the areas Mr. Fuller is closely looking at is the voting process. As many critics have noted, the show has produced five similar winners in a row. They’re being called W.G.W.G.’s — white guys with guitars. These outcomes have been interpreted as a result of so many young girls voting for the cutest male performer.”

The winners have been the same in recent seasons. A female has not been able to win the competition since Jordin Sparks in season six. Voting is one area that should be looked at. There is no doubt that viewers still tune in to watch American Idol. Ratings might have dropped, but the series still tops the network.

There is just more competition now. The X Factor and The Voice are giving Idol a run for its money. Comments on social media about the three programs show that some stop watching Idol and tune in to the others. In order to keep viewers tuning in, Idol is going to have to step up its game. Change and growth is a part of life, and in order for the network to stay on top of its game Idol will need to grow with the times.

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