‘American Idol': Jessica Sanchez Dishes Backstage at ‘Idol’ Finale

The stage is set for this year’s winner to be crowned. By this time tomorrow, either Jessica Sanchez or Phillip Phillips will have won the title of this year’s American Idol. The pair have been talking up a storm this week, and Sanchez gave fans the inside scoop of what happens backstage at the finale. Do the judges give her any special advice? Do they even talk to her at all after the finale is done?

According to Jessica Sanchez, at this time in the competition the only words they receive from the judges – good or bad – is seen by everyone. No words are exchanged backstage. She said the following, according to Hollywood Life:

“We never get to really talk to them [judges] after. Every interaction we get is on stage, so everything we talk about, when they give us criticism, I think we both take it and work on it and just thank them so much because they’re trying to make us a better musician.”

This is very different than other music reality competition series. On The Voice and The X Factor, the judges turn into mentors, and they work very closely with the contestants. On American Idol, the judges remain judges, and they don’t help to mentor the contestants at all. Their advice comes on performance night, and America sees it all.

Should this be different? Does Idol need to change? Change can be good, but in this case Idol has had a formula that has worked for them for many seasons. New shows are changing that formula though, and it is working for them. As long as this series continues to work and viewers keep tuning in, why change it?

What do you think? Should the judges interact with the contestants more?

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