‘American Idol': Jessica Sanchez Does A Beyoncé Ballad

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When American Idol does a “songs from your idol” night, most people would not even think Beyoncé. However, Jessica Sánchez did. Rather than try to compete with the diva though, Jessica stripped “Sweet Dreams” of its Rico Love beats and sang with passion.

Stripping down a club hit is a unique challenge, but the judges were impressed. Jennifer Lopez said that Beyoncé should consider a stripped down arrangement for her next tour. Also, the judges were impressed with her restraint. Just because you have all the tricks does not mean you should use them at once. The maturity to understand that will take Jessica a long way on American Idol, and hopefully keep her from falling into the ballad rut. Also, having a pop idol will serve her well with younger fans that also love this song and Beyoncé.

Did you enjoy the stripped “Sweet Dreams,” or do you prefer the belting she normally does?

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