‘American Idol’ Judge Contenders Revealed!

American Idol is searching for a new judge. After going through several including Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell, the show is trying to revive ratings with some super talented new judges to sit beside Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler — and they have got one heck of a selection so far!

In the running are Adam Lambert, Fergie, and Mariah Carey. Although it wouldn’t be very wise to have all the judges male, producers have allegedly been in talks with Adam for over a month now.

“It’s true they’ve talked to Adam but nothing is decided yet,” a source tell Us Weekly. “Adam would be an awesome addition to the show — he could really relate to the contestants and he’s such a good guy.”

As for Mariah, she wanted JLo’s spot from the get-go. However, with her husband, Nick Cannon, on America’s Got Talent, there may be a conflict on interest — especially if the shows air on the same night!

Fergie is said to be a “big contender” and now that she’s taking a break from her gig with the Black Eyed Peas, the move makes sense for her. Plus, it would allow her more time to start the baby making process with her hot husband, Josh Duhamel, which the two have been wanting for a while.

Don’t get your hopes up to hear a decision anytime soon. The American Idol source says, “It will be a little while before there’s any decision.”

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