American Idol Judges Save Jessica Sanchez

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Tyler, Lopez and Jackson all saved Jessica Sanchez from being eliminated from American Idol this last week. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that they saved her. Yes she is one of the best, and maybe the very best contestant on Idol this year. I love her. She is sweet, gifted, talented and nearly flawless. She says that she has been doing this her whole life. She probably has. But she is what, “17 years old?” In the grand scheme of things, that is not very long.

I think that because the judges obviously think that she is the best, and constantly point that out, that they may have turned some of the American voters against voting for her.

Judges do not blame the voters for sticking up for their favorites, especially when you can be so hard on some of the contestants that are extremely talented too. I for one do not understand why they are so hard on Holly. This last week when she sang the song by Pink, I thought that she did a beautiful job. There is not a contestant that is on there at this stage in the contest that is not extremely talented. I read the interview in O magazine with Steven Tyler. He said that they are all more talented right now than most artists are when they first start.

My personal favorite is Colton Dixon. He may not be the best, I don’t know. I love Skyler, Joshua, and Elise.  I think that Phillip Phillips is very talented too. I am sure that they will all get contracts and I am happy for them. I just don’t think that it was right for the judges to all rush up and save Jessica before she even sang. The judges seem to forget that it is not all just about talent. It is about personality, and charisma. They all have it. I just know that different people like different things about artists. It is funny too that in the beginning, you might really like one contestant but as time goes on another one starts to grow on you. In the beginning I liked Skyler okay. Now I really like her a lot more than I did at first. My heart is still with Colton.

Jessica was as shocked as the judges and everyone else was that she got the least amount of votes. When I look back on the others that performed to save themselves, they all did it with much more professionalism. Jessica couldn’t compose herself. Believe me I sure couldn’t if I were in that position. I am in awe at the way these young people perform and conduct themselves under the scrutiny of millions. I am just saying that I don’t think that it was right for the judges to have behaved the way they did. They have used their only vote. They aren’t going to be able to, and they haven’t ever done it before, ran up to rescue a contestant like they did Jessica Sanchez.

If they don’t want their favorites to get the least amount of votes they need to work harder at covering up their favorites. Just my opinion, and I am entitled! Good luck to all of them, and God bless them all.

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