‘American Idol': Juliana Ramos – Story of Everlasting Love with Chris Medina (Video)

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Milwaukee’s American Idol highlighted the heartwarming story of Juliana Ramos, and how her fiancé, Chris Medina, endured the trials of her suffering a traumatic brain injury just before their wedding day.

Juliana Ramos was vibrant and excited after she got engaged to Chris Medina at the Starbucks where she worked. However, just two months before their wedding was set to take place, Ramos suffered a terrible car accident in October of 2009.

As Juliana Ramos was driving home from work at about 3:30 am, her vehicle was involved in a devastating accident. She was left almost paralyzed and severely brain damaged. Due to RamosÂ’ rising medical bills, the wedding of the couple was placed on hold.

Chris Medina believed that it was right for him to stay by Juliana RamosÂ’ side even she was diagnosed with her brain injury. After Medina performed on American Idol, the judging panel asked to see Juliana Ramos. She arrived in wheelchair waving to the judges panel.

Steven Tyler was very emotional, and he bent down and kissed Juliana Ramos. Did she understand that her fiancé just made it onto American Idol? This remains to be seen, but after the couple walked out of the audition room, Ramos told Medina that she loved him.

Were you moved by this story of everlasting love? Ramos is one lucky lady to have MedinaÂ’s arms to still hold her after her traumatic injury.

You can check out JulianaÂ’s My Space page, and look at pics of her and Medina before the accident in 2009.

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