American Idol, L.A. Auditions – Just How Old Is Avril Lavigne? (video)

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They started it. That’s right; they did. American Idol started it Tuesday night by announcing Avril as a guest judge, then telling us she knew what it was like to be in their place, being the same age as many of the contestants. She then continued it by wearing a hoodie that either had pointed ears or horns attached to it. That’s left many fans of the show asking “Just how hold is Avril Lavigne?”

Avril is 25 years and will turn 26 this year. The maximum age for being a contestant on American Idol is 29, so yes, she is the same age as many of these contestants. Additionally, she first gained her fame when she was 18 years old, one years older than Jordin Sparks when she won Idol, and two years younger than Fantasia when she won. The other Idol winners were all further into their 20s. Yet, it certainly means Avril could have indeed been one of them, and ironically, Avril won a competition as a teenager to sing onstage with Shania Twain. However, being Canadian, she would have been more suited for Canadian Idol.

Avril did okay as a guest judge, and did giggle a little immaturely, but that’s never stopped Randy Jackson. Her successor at guesting, Katy Perry, ironically a month younger than Avril, seemed to do slightly better, and seemed to have more maturity on the panel than Kara DioGuardi. While Kara seems prone this season to exaggerated movements and language that seems to worsen weekly, Katy seemed much more refined and seemed determined to only let real talent through, instead of people that simply could carry a tune.

There ought to be a larger disparateness between Wednesday’s guest judges of Joe Jonas and Neil Patrick Harris. Neil has the hosting thing down, having hosted the Emmys, so I’m guessing he’ll do quite well. We’ll have to wait and see how Joe fares.


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