American Idol: Lineup of Who We Know Made It to Hollywood From All Audition Cities

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With the auditions taking so long to play out on American Idol, it’s hard to remember all the people that got through to Hollywood. For that reason, here’s a refresher, a list of names and any other important info to ring that bell and make you remember, of every person that we saw make it to Hollywood. Granted, this isn’t everyone, and we’ll meet more next week, and even more in final 24, that we haven’t seen before, but these are the people that we know made it. Some we won’t see again. However, it’s still a nice little reminder of who we liked that got through, and just why we liked them. Some we learned nothing more than their names, ages, and locations.

Maddy Curtis, 16, Bluemont, VA: She’s number nine of twelve kids and has several brothers with Down’s Syndrome, some of which were adopted. She sang Hallelujah, and Simon Cowell told her she had a good voice with some soul. Her brothers gave her balloon flowers afterwards.

Jennifer Hirsh, 22, a receptionist, of Manhattan: She sang a jazzy version of Ding Dong the Wicked Witch Is Dead.

Claire Fuller, 23, a college student, of Philadelphia.

Jess Wolfe, 24, a booking agent, Brooklyn.

Amadeo Diricco, 28, a bartender, Johnston, RI: He comes from the big Italian family, and his wife pushed him into auditioning. He sang a Muddy Waters song … loudly. Kara DioGuardi felt like she was at home with her cousin and figured he made a mean sauce. He was Simon’s favorite of the day, as he was sincere with a huge likability.

Luke Shaffer, 24, a waiter, NYC.

Benjamin Bright, 25, an elementary music teacher, Rome, NY: He was singing harmony with Luke Shaffer and others in the holding room.

Ashley Rodriguez, 21, a college student, Boston: She sang some Alicia Keyes. Victoria Beckham thought she was naturally beautiful, and Kara thought her voice was commercial.

Tyler Grady, 19, a college student, of Nazareth, PA: He had splints on both arms and said he fell out of a tree. He is also a drummer, but dreams of being a frontman. He sang Let’s Get It On, and Randy Jackson liked his whole Van Morrison stance thing. Simon thought he’d be one they remembered.

Mike Davis, 18, Boston: He was an actor on the Godzilla speedboat that the judges could see out the window. He sang Yesterday, and Kara thought he was a guy she’d like to hang out with, and he suggested they go get some steaks sometime. Simon and Randy left the table, and Mike got through, telling his mom after he was pretty sure he had a date with Kara.

Katie Stevens, 16, Middlebury, CT: She grew up in a big Portugese family and was close to her grandmother who had Alzheimer’s. She sang At Last, and Kara thought to sing like that was pretty amazing. She called her grandmother afterwards and told her in Portugese that she made it to Hollywood.

Joshua Blaylock, 28, Business Development Manager, NYC: Simon thought he would have been good for a 14-year-old, but found no originality and power at 28. Randy thought he needed assertiveness training and instructed him to tell Simon to shut up and also thought he would be good singing Spandau Ballet.

Justin Williams, 27, a vocal coach, Sandy, UT: He was diagnosed with cancer seven years ago when serving a mission in Spain, then had several surgeries and chemotherapy and is now free of cancer. He mentioned wanting to sing “alternative pop soul type of thing.”

Bosa Mora, 22, Columbus, OH: His parents were both from Nigeria and met in the States while attending school. Ryan Seacrest had said if he got through, people behind his mom wouldn’t be able to see the stage because of her large hat. When he made it through, she said, “God is good, and I am grateful.”

Leah Laurenti, 22, Medford, NY: She went to church a lot when growing up and wasn’t allowed to listen to secular music. Randy thought she was the best of the day and liked the jazzy thing about her.

Keia Johnson, 26, a marketing representative, Memphis: She won Miss Congeniality in the Miss American pageant. She sang My Heart Goes On, and Kara thought her personality came across when she performed, Randy liked the way she closed phrases, and Simon imagined her standing in line and getting the part in Oklahoma.

Miriam Lemnouni, 25, Equestrian Trainer, Atlanta.

Noel Reese, 16, Sophia, NC: She sang a little Whitney Houston, and had a powerful voice for someone her age.

Tisha Holland, 18, a hostess, Riverdale, GA: Kara thought she was the best they’d heard all day.

Jermaine Sellers, 26, Joliet, IL: He’s a church singer and has been taking care of his mom with spina bifida since he was 17. He sang What If God Was One of Us, and Randy thought it was the best vocal they’d heard so far in the auditions.

Vanessa Wolfe, 19, a fast food associate, Vonore, TN: She liked to jump off bridges, the higher the better, and thought her hometown was probably the smallest in Tennessee, and felt stuck. She admitted she bought her dress for $4.50 at the dollar store. Kara and Simon found her authentic to country music. Her flight to Hollywood was going to be her first in an “air-o-plane.”

Holly Harden, 20, an office assistant, of Rockmart, GA: She dressed like a human guitar with the fret on her neck, guitar glasses, etc., and admitted she was a guitar for Halloween. She sang You Ain’t Woman Enough to Take My Man, and Simon thought she looked like an insect, but was fun with personality. Holly pleaded with Simon to say yes after Mary J. Blige said no, telling him he was gorgeous. That worked.

Mallorie Haley, 20, a server, Winner, SD: She sang Piece of My Heart, and Mary thought she had the best vocal so far.

Antonio “Skii Bo Ski” Wheeler, 22, a Designer/Salesman, Orlando: He had the American Idol logo shaved into his head. He sang Heard It Through the Grapevine, then compared himself to the dollar store, saying you can have all the stuff you want, yet it comes in a package and is only a dollar. Simon’s no was outvoted.

Carmen Turner, 19, college student, Baxley, GA: She auditioned with her BFF since 3rd grade. Simon thought they were funny as a group, but boring alone, and that they should be called the Ditz Sisters. Simon would have said no to both, but Carmen made it.

Bryan Walker, 25, a police officer: He sang Superstar after Simon took a break. Everyone found him better than they thought he was going to be.

Katelyn Epperly, 19, a student, West Des Moines, IA: Her father left the family recently, and it made her audition hard, as her parents always attended her performances and auditions together. She sang Syrup and Honey, and Randy liked that she didn’t sound like Duffy, while Shania Twain thought her voice had interesting character and sounded unique.

Charity Vance, 16, Little Rock: She lives with her parents who have a salon in their home and practiced performing in the salon. Watching American Idol together is a big thing in their house. She sang Summertime and surprised all the judges.

Angela Martin, 28, a singer, Chicago: She auditioned for the third time. Her father was killed a week before Hollywood in season seven, and she promptly got cut, and last season she reached the top 50, but couldn’t make the show because of a traffic warrant. She sang Just Fine, and Simon said it was people like her, talented and in need of a break, that makes him like doing the show.

John Park, 20, a college student, Northbrook, IL: His parents were against him applying for voice programs in college, but he felt it was his only way to express himself. Shania had said he had a beautiful bottom end, nice lips, and a good head.

Paige Dechausse, 21, a college student, Morris, IL: She had asthma a lot as a kid and was in the hospital a lot. She had anaphylactic shock when she was 15 after a bad asthma attack and was given only a 30% chance of surviving, with sure brain damage if she did survive. Music kept her here. She sang A Change Is Gonna Come. Simon voted no, and Shania and Kara begged Randy to say yes, which he did.

Justin Ray, 20, unemployed, Marysville, IN.

Keith Semple, 27, a musician, Hanover Park, IL.

Marcus Jones, 18, unemployed, Gary, IN.

Seth Rollins, 28, an insurance adjuster, Lakeland, FL: His son is autistic and, and he said there were a lot of things that came with that diagnosis that you don’t even notice. He wants to afford the best care for him. He sang Someone to Watch over Me, and Kara wanted to keep hearing him, saying it was the best compliment she could give someone.

Jermaine Purifoy, 24, telecommunications student, Cleveland, TN: He first auditioned in season 7 and was surprised he didn’t make it. He sang a little Tony Bennett, and Kristen Chenoweth liked his pure sound, saying it was seamless.

Shelby Dressel, 18, a waitress, Avon Park, FL: One of her nerves was underdeveloped when she was born, meaning she was never able to smile correctly or use that side of her face. She sang some Norah Jones, forgot her words, swore, and cracked everyone up. Randy dug that she was afraid of them, and they were kind of afraid of her. Simon said yes with a small Y, and she got through.

Jay Stone, 25, a music business grad student, Miami: He sang Come Together and did unique sound effects while he sang. Simon voted no, but was outvoted as Jay was compared to Blake Lewis.

Janell Wheeler, 24, a sales representative, of Tampa.

Brittany Starr James, 23, an entertainer/student, Coral Springs, FL.

Kasi Bedford, 19, a student, Seminole, FL. Simon thought she was cute and liked the rasp in her voice.

Cornelius Edwards, 24, a security guard, Boynton Beach, FL: He learned to dance from his friends who are adult entertainers. He sang Proud Mary, jumped into the splits, and splits his pants.

Bernadette Desimone, 27, waitress, Cherry Hill, NJ: Lives with sister and mom with a salon in their home where she and her sister perform. She auditioned with her sister and sang Hit the Road Jack. Simon would have only let her through and not her sister.

Amanda Desimone, 23, a sales associate, Cherry Hill, NJ: Lives with sister and mom with a salon in their home where she and her sister perform. She auditioned with her sister and sang some Whitney Houston. Simon only wanted to let Bernadette through, but was outvoted.

Matthew Lawrence, 28, a manager of a trucking company, Starke, FL: When in high school he left a note for his mom saying he was going on an adventure, then robbed a bank. He spent four birthdays behind bars, and he hates that he hurt his family. He sang Trouble, fittingly. Simon thought he was brilliant and authentic. Kara  thought he’d make the top 12.

Jim Ranger, 27, worship pastor, Bakersfield, CA: He’s been married seven years and has three kids. He sang his own composition, and Avril Lavigne didn’t want to put him through, thinking he couldn’t do church, family, and Idol, but she was outvoted.

Mary Powers, 28, a singer, Burbank, CA: Her daughter predicted her mom would be top 14 and said Simon was her favorite judge, then got to meet him after. He wanted to make sure she wasn’t his daughter. Mary sang some Pat Benatar, but Simon thought the rock chick thing was too cliche.

Andrew Garcia, 23, a musician, Moreno Valley, CA: He thought being a dad was the greatest thing in the world and wants his son to  have more than he did. His parents were both into gangs when they were young. He sang Sunday Morning, and Simon thought he was the only one to walk through that day that was a genuinely good singler. Katy Perry said he gave her chills.

Tasha Layton, 26, Granada Hills, CA: She is a personal assistant by day and minister by night. She sang Baby Baby Baby, and Simon thought if she made the top 12, it would be an Oh Happy Day medley.

Chris Golightly, 25, a shoe salesman, L.A.: He grew up in foster care, living in 25 differenet homes since he was 18 months old. Music is the only place he’s felt secure. He sang Stand By Me and Kara called him one of her favorites, and thinks they’ll look back at the audition and say, “Wow.” Katy Perry told her it wasn’t a Lifetime movie.

Lloyd Thomas, 29, a Dock worker, Dallas: He said the worst part of his job was that job that he had. He showed a picture of his daughters and said he grew up in the projects. Lloyd sang Overjoyed, and Neil Patrick Harris thought he had a wonderful voice, but wanted him to be just as flashy of a person when he sang.

Kimberly Carver, 26, a school teacher, Denton, TX: She sang an original song, and Simon mentioned it’s not Jazz TV when the other judges liked her. After a glowing review by Neil, she wanted to go back and watch Doogie Howser.

Erica Rhodes, 23, a grad student, Irving, TX: Despite being a Barney & Friends kid, she came into the audition like a dominatrix, then sang the Barney song like that. She also sang Through Your Mind, and when she said she wanted to show that Barney kids grow up, Neil finished her sentence to say, “to be dirty little girls.” Her role model is Janet Jackson.

Dave Pittman, 27, in lawn care, Mountain Home, AR: He was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome when he was 9. It didn’t effect him more than a few twitches when he sang Bring It On Home to Me. Simon thought people would like him.

Todrick Hall, 24, an actor/playwright, Arlington, TX: He perfromed with Fantasia in The Color Purple and sang a song he composed for the judges, asking Randy to be a Dawg and mentioning Simon looking unimpressed. Randy thought he was one of the best of the season, and just as he figured, Simon was unimpressed.

Dawntoya Thomason, 27, a mother, Dallas:

Stephanie Daulong, 20, a bartender/songwriter:

Maegan Wright, 20, a cosmetologist, Richardson, TX: Her parents are divorced and remarried, so she brought her little brother with her. She sang To Make You Feel My Love. Kara thought she was her favorite of the day.

Christian Spear, 16, Houston, TX: She was diagnosed with leukemia on her fourth birthday, then went into remission at the age of 8. She sang All I Can Do Is Cry, and all judges gave her a glowing review.

Mark Labriola, 28, a computer consultant, Aurora, CO: He was the Jack Black lookalike and felt the most interesting thing about him was his love of cheese, yet had been stolen from his dad by his mom and spent his youth on the run. His mom ended up in Maui without him, then later North Carolina. He sang Tempted, and Victoria called him a nice surprise. Simon liked his honesty about his background.

Kimberly Kerbow, 24, a collge student, Marina Del Rey, CA: She brought her 5-year-old to the auditions with her and sang The Way I Am, adding in lyrics about buying Simon Rogaine. After she got through, he thought maybe she was wearing a wig.

Danelle Hayes, 24, hosts a live karaoke, Seattle: She also sings in a cover band and is a songwriter. She cried saying how hard this way of living was, but she wants to take care of her son. She sang Melissa Etheridge and Simon thought they eeded to rescue her from corporate hell. Kara found it the most moving audition.

Casey James, 27, a musician, Forth Worth: He was in a terrible motorcycle accident with multiple compound fractures in his arm and was told he wouldn’t play guitar again, but does. Simon thought it was a bad audition, but Kara and Victoria liked his look and asked him to unbutton his shirt, as he eventually took it off and let down his hair.

Tori Kelly, 16, Canyon Lake, CA: She brought the little girl Hope Starr with her who drew pictures for the judges. She sang Gravity, and Simon put her through, but found her voice a little annoying.

Nicci Nix, 22, a musican/singer, Florence, Italy: She flew all the way to Frankfort, Germany then to the U.S. for this audition. With her high speaking voice, Simon wanted Victoria to ask if she’d consumed any helium. She sang Something Kinda Ooh in a slightly lower register, and Simon thought it was the most meaningful lyric written.

Haeley Vaughn, 16, Fort Collins, CO: She was a premmie baby, and her dad passed away when she was 10. She wants to be be the first black pop country/kind of mainstream singer.The judges really liked the uniqueness of this, and Kara thought she was singing too high in her register. She brought her mom and sister in to meet Simon.

Jessica Furney, 20, a caregiver, Wamego, KS: She auditioned singing Janis Joplin last year, but the this year with the Simon-penned Footprints In the Sand. This made the difference.

Amanda Shectman, 19, a theater student, Roslyn, NY: She did a Britney Spears impression and does a lot of theater. Victoria wanted her to work on her expression, and Kara wanted her to connect more.

Lee Dewyze, 23, a paint sales clerk, Mount Prospect, IL: He had to sing a capella, without his guitar, and sang Ain’t No Sunshine.

Crystal Bowersox, 23, a musican/mom, Elliston, OH: She also gave up her guitar and sang Piece of My Heart.

Lacey Brown, 23, a church event director, Amarillo, TX: She was top 50 last year and lost out to Megan Joy. She sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow this year.

Rachel Hubbard, 16, Boerne, TX

Thaddeus Johnson, 16, Oklahoma City, OK: He sang How Am I Supposed to Live Without You and had Kara screaming.

Genesis Moore, 16, McDonough, GA.

Michael Lynche, 26, a personal trainer, Astoria, NY: He and his baby mama just found out their baby will be a little girl, but everyone thinks it’ll be a boy. He sang Unchained Melody and was conpared to a singing teddy bear.

Didi Benami, 22, a waitress, Hollywood, CA: She auditioned in memory of her best friend, Rebecca. She knew it would be an emotional audition, and sang Hey Jude. Simon said yes with a small Y.

Aaron Kelly, 16, Sonestown, PA: His family moved around a lot because his dad couldn’t hold down a job, and his aunt and uncle adopted him before social services stepped in. He sang The Climb and said he wanted to be a role model to kids everywhere.

Hope Johnson, 19, a waitress/bartender, Arlington, TX: She has sis sisters and a brother and mentioned they had to overcome poverty. She would save her school lunch and bring it hoe for her brother. Music was her escape. She sang I Hope You Dance, and Randy wants her to work on completing her phrases, and Simon thought she was cute.

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