‘American Idol': Lisa Marie Presley and Adam Lambert Perform, Who Made The Finale?

The top 3 results episode for American Idol was packed. There was a Beatles song performed by the Idols before the Ford music video. However, because Phillip is still sick, he has not been in the last few. The there was a segment of the top 4 in the studio with the soundtrack makers of the latest Ice Age film. Ester Dean allowed them to sing a bit, which was very cool. The first guest performance was Lisa Marie Presley singing “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.” It was a dark set and the song was devoid of emotion, sort of like Lana Del Rey’s performances.

While the Idol weren’t sent to chairs, they were given critiques by Jimmy Iovine. He said he made mistakes with his choices for Jessica and Joshua, including that Jessica’s was a duet and Joshua’s lacked melody. However he said that Jessica should be singing on the Grammys. High praise for such a girl. Phillip’s mistake, according to Jimmy was his own song, “Disease” was not a good choice because it sounded too much like Rob Thomas. Interesting to see the Idol mentor admit mistakes.

The final performer was Season 8 finalist, Adam Lambert, singing “Never Close Our Eyes” off his new album Trespassing, out this week. He opened his performance under black light with a neon yellow shirt and accessories. The song is an upbeat dance tune that he was happy to perform. Such a contrast to Lisa Marie. No dancers tonight though as his singing was on display. Even on “Never Close Our Eyes,” his vocals were amazing. Lesson to the Idols on how it is done!

The ending was bittersweet as all the Idols promised to vote for each other if kicked off now. Jessica was announced safe first before the boys were given their verdict. Joshua is out while Phillip joins Jessica in the American Idol finale. Will the next winner be the first girl in five years or the fifth white guy in a row?

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