‘American Idol': Nicki Minaj at the Center – What Do Fans Think?

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American Idol has started season 12 on Fox, and people are already talking about the new season and the new panel. Nicki Minaj has received most of the attention at the start of things this season, and fans are not completely happy with her addition to the line-up. Complaints started to increase on Twitter on Wednesday afer the new season premiered.

Reality TV Magazine reported on just some of the comments made by fans of Idol on Twitter. One fan on Twitter said that it would be “the last season” of the reality competition series, and they made it clear that it would be because of Minaj’s involvement. Another fan compared Minaj’s judging the series to Stevie Wonder judging a beauty competition.

During the two-night premiere, Minaj called contestants “special” and used a British accent when it suited her. The feud between her and co-panelist Mariah Carey also received a lot of attention. One of the male judges tried to sit between the two at all times in order to keep things somewhat calm. Minaj also spoke about the premiere on television, and she shared her own complaint. She went to Twitter to say the following, according to Reality TV Magazine:

“Is Idol really gonna play themselves and show that s**t? Smdh. Wow.”

The American Idol season has only started on television, but it is clear that fans are not happy about the introduction of Minaj to the mix. With the live shows still a few weeks away, it will be interesting to see what fans think as the audition process continues.

Will the feud between the two females on the panel continue on? What did you think of Nicki Minaj on the panel? Do you think she will ruin the series?

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