‘American Idol’ Paul McDonald Insults ‘Twilight’ and Nikki Reed?

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American Idol castoff Paul McDonald recently admitted he was dating Twilight star Nikki Reed, calling her “super cool… super smart, and a really cool girl.” But he may have just hurled an insult on top of this gushing praise for his new girl.

McDonald did an interview with the Mark & Kristin morning show on KOST 103.5 and may have been guilty of releasing too much information, which is probably to be expected, given the American Idol‘s newfound fame. He probably doesn’t know how to navigate the press scene yet – or better yet, just doesn’t care.

When asked about dating Nikki Reed, Paul McDonald admitted, “I think she likes me more because I’ve never seen any of her stuff.” Yes, obviously that could be refreshing to Reed; someone who claims to like her for her, not for the movies she’s done and the fame she’s acquired.

But, the TMI came when McDonald added, “And I’m not watching any Twilight movies – I’m sorry.” Ouch – that seemed liked an insult to the project to which Nikki Reed has dedicated so much of her professional career. Paul McDonald probably could have phrased that statement differently, or just not said it. It’s kind of like Reed saying she never wants to listen to an album from McDonald…

Plus, his Twilight jab earned him a black mark with Twi-hards everywhere who might have also been McDonald fans.

Paul McDonald

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Well, Paul McDonald definitely won’t be one of the many in line to see Breaking Dawn in November. If he and Nikki Reed are still together then, it looks like she’ll be walking that premiere red carpet solo!

From left: Paul McDonald, Nikki Reed

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