‘American Idol’ Phillip Phillips–What’s the Deal?

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So what’s the deal with Phillip Phillips? The reigning American Idol reportedly won’t help bail his parents out financially and they’re being forced to sell their business. There’re lots of unturned stones in this story, but now he’s evading the issue.

According to a report from TMZ, their reporter caught up with the American Idol champ at LAX on Monday and tried getting a straight answer about the entire debacle.

“I have no comment … but my album’s coming out soon,” was just one of the rather evasive answers the singer gave.

Before Phillip Phillipsthe Home singer even won American Idol the family’s pawn shop was up for sale. So rumors about them being driven into selling it because of money spent supporting their son during his American Idol adventure don’t quite ring true. If Phillip would simply answer some direct questions, perhaps he couldn’t straighten the entire mess out?

The singer did tell TMZ reporters that he ‘loves his family,’ but he refused to share any further details about the matter. Do you think this means there is no matter and that the tabloids have simply run rampant with conjecture? Or is there an underlying issue in the Phillips family that Phillip Phillips would simply rather not divulge?

Do you think the reigning American Idol is refusing to help his family? Do you think they’re in dire need? Or do you think this is all just a big mix up over absolutely nothing?

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