‘American Idol': Queen Extravaganza, Stefano, and Katy Perry Perform, Who Was Sent Home?

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Last night’s American Idol show began with the Idols performing a medley with Queen. Tonight, it was Queen Extravaganza, a tribute band assembled by Brian May and Roger Taylor, singing “Somebody To Love.” Marc Martel looks enough like Freddie Mercury to pass as an impersonator. Fortunately, he sings well too. After their performance, the drama began. First to the center of the stage were Jessica and Elise, with Elise in the bottom three again. This was followed by Stefano, from Season 10, singing his d├ębut sing, “I’m On A Roll,” which was much different from his ballads on Idol. However, it is catchy, with the dancers and New Boys included.

Back to the drama, Hollie and Joshua were brought to center stage before Hollie was in the bottom three. Then, the last performance of the night on American Idol was Katy Perry singing “Part Of Me.” Her camouflage-themed dance troupe was a bit odd and they were all out of breath. However, her new purple hair is a good look. After she was done, Phillip and Skylar were brought to center stage. Skylar was in the bottom three, but very briefly, as she was the first released. Hollie and Elise remained, with Elise, queen of the bottom three, finally being sent home. After Jimmy Iovine critique of her this week, Elise used “Whole Lotta Love” as her swan song. Who should be next to go?

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