‘American Idol’ Recap: February 24

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February 24th American Idol recap consisted of more tears, heartbreak, and flamboyant exuberation. Jacee Badeaux saw the end of the road along with another 15 contestants.

Steven Tyler seemed to show some restraint this week with his comments, eye contact, and gesturing smiles.

Jennifer Lopez pulled herself together in a professional way and went on with the show. She seemed to struggle a couple of times, but held it together through the end of the program.

In the final 24 there are a few shining stars and a few that maybe shouldn’t have made it. The contestants hit Las Vegas and took on the Beatles songbook on the spectacular stage of LOVE.Rachel Zevita may be going home before long along with Scotty McCreery, both struggled to stay alive in the final week. Those with the staying power include Julie Zorrilla and Casey Abrams. These two have the star quality and the talent to pull it off at least to the top 10. Randy Jackson told Abrams that he had not seen a contestant with so much musical talent in the history of American Idol.

Jennifer had to say goodbye to the 15-year-old Jacee Badeaux, a big shocker. She hugged him like there was no tomorrow. It seems for Jacee and J Lo’s relationship there wasn’t a tomorrow.  She whispered into his ear, “…magic in that voice.” He was strongly encouraged to try out again next year, so keep your eye on Jacee. We may see him again next year.

ItÂ’s just going to get more and more difficult to eliminate contestants. There are at least a dozen with great talent!

Next week American Idol will be on FOX Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8/7 PM CT.


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